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UNICERA Istanbul



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2021-11-02 2021-11-06 UNICERA Istanbul

Organized by CNR Holding subsidiary, Istanbul Trade Fairs with the cooperation of TSF (Turkish Ceramics Federation), TIMDER (Trade Association for Sanitary and Building Supplies), and  MUDER (Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture Industrialists and Importers Association) and the support of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey), UNICERA Istanbul International Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair welcomed its visitors at CNR Expo Istanbul Expo Center between March 10-14, 2020. Hosting 50.130 industry professionals in 5 days, the exhibition presented the most innovative products of more than 1200 brands. 

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2 Kas 2021 - 6 Kas 2021
 +90 212 465 74 74
 CNR Expo İstanbul, Bakırköy 34000, İstanbul, Türkiye CNR Expo İstanbul, Bakırköy 34000, İstanbul, Türkiye - Harita Yönlendirmeleri