There is a large number of foreigners in Turkey, and many Turkish residents want to bring their relatives to Turkey, so Turkish law allows those who wish to bring their relatives or friends to Turkey to make an invitation that makes them obtain a visa to enter Turkey. Less.

Types of advocacy for Turkey

Action call
It is done through an invitation from a Turkish company or a Turkish factory or a commercial activity officially licensed by the Turkish government to conduct business in Turkey, and the invitation is in order to obtain a visitor visa in order to work in Turkey.

An invitation from a Turkish sponsor
It is an invitation by a person who has Turkish citizenship or a Turkish person to a person outside Turkish territory to obtain a visa in order to visit Turkey.

An invitation from a person residing in Turkey
A person holding a tourist or work residence can submit an invitation request to first-degree relatives to obtain a visa to visit Turkey.

Calling humanitarian organizations
Humanitarian and human rights organizations officially and legally licensed by the Turkish government can submit an invitation request to a person outside Turkey to visit Turkey, and the workers of these organizations can apply for an invitation provided that they have a valid residence permit.

Call when purchasing the property

Any real estate company can invite a person outside the Turkish territory in the event that he pays the price of a property or installed a property in Turkey or something proves that he came to Turkey in order to buy a property in Turkey.

Student advocacy

Universities can make an invitation to students who are outside Turkish territory if they are accepted to this university to study in it, and this invitation requires that the student apply to the Turkish University to obtain university admission and if he obtains university admission, he is invited by the university to obtain a visa to enter Turkey in order to study .

The papers required to make the invitation
If the person is a holder of residency, he must translate his passport and certify it with a notary in addition to bringing the residency.
In the event that a person is a holder of a work permit through a tourist residence, his passport must be translated and certified by a notary to bring the residency.
In the event that this person has a Kimlik or work permit through Kimlik, they must be brought with him without the need for a passport.
With a residence document, a copy of the lease contract in the name of the inviter, a maintenance pledge from the notes, a criminal record from edevlet adli sicil kayd, a copy of the tourist residency, a copy of the inviter’s passport, a copy of a work permit, a recommendation paper from the place of work if any, a visa application Downloading it from the office site of the visa, private health insurance for the visa from the same office, unpaid flight reservation within the period of the required visa, and the period of health insurance and flight reservation must be on the same dates exclusively and preferably after 40 days from the date of the request because the application takes from 40 to 50 days Sometimes, a Turkish bank account statement, in dollars or euros, can be from more than one bank if you have more than one bank account.
As for Syrians in Syria, they must go to the Turkish embassy in Lebanon due to the lack of a Turkish embassy in Syria, and they must enter Lebanon. It is worth noting that they need to enter Lebanon having a hotel reservation, and there is a minimum amount of $ 2000 with the person who must show them at the border point A Syrian cannot stay in Lebanon for more than a week.

After submitting the invitation, along with the documents related to the visa to the embassy, ​​the embassy responds positively or negatively to the applicant by calling him by phone or via e-mail.

Rejection of the invitation by the embassy depends mainly on the status of the applicant in Turkey in terms of the preference for the holder of Turkish citizenship and then for the holder of work residency, and so on, and so on and also depends on the status of the person who is invited in terms of priority for people who have good balances in banks in addition to property and real estate.