What are Turkish Department of Population?
Foreigners must know the legal ways to organize their transactions in Turkish lands, as they help you obtain various papers such as requesting a passport and driving license, issuing a civil ID for Turks, changing the residence address for foreigners, registering recent births, and this is what we will talk about in this article.

How to register your address in Turkish Department of Population?
Procedures for changing the place of residence for foreigners in Turkey:
When you change your place of residence, you must go to the Directorate of Wishes of the Ministry of the Interior located near your place of residence and inform them that you have moved in order for them to change your residence registration and this is what is stipulated in Turkish law with the submission of some required documents to ensure that no problems arise in the wishes even if you do not inform the wishes By changing your place of residence, they can cancel the residence for you or pay a fine of up to 1000 Turkish liras.

The papers required to change the place of residence in Turkey for foreigners:
An electricity or water bill with your name written in it or a housing contract in your name proving that you have moved.
A copy of your residence card, the type of residency is not required.
Then you go with these papers to the souls and you will find an office to record your new data. The employee will give you a paper with all your new data written, then you must go to the maqam in your area and give him the data that you took from the Department of Population, then he will give you a paper stamped with your new residence, your residence number, your name and its cost is 7 Turkish lira .
Then he went again to the wishes, but this time to the information renewal office, and with you a copy of your passport, a copy of your residence card and a copy of the paper that you got from the standing list.

Your residency change will take place immediately and before you leave the office.

The Information Renewal Office renews the passport or changes information in it, obtains a replacement for your stay, renews it, or modifies any information in it, and each service includes a set of papers that differ from the others.

Recently, the Turkish Department of Population Directorate issued a website to book appointments that Turks and foreigners can use in Turkey, and this is due to the outbreak of the Corona virus in the country and the current conditions that the country is going through, and through which you can change your residence address, request your passport, or obtain a driver's license or Turkish identity for the Turks. .

How to get an appointment in the Department of Population Circle:
When entering the site, you find the site is divided in detail and here you choose what you need and then fill in the required data in the empty fields of the page where you register your name and nickname, fill in your identity, your residential address, the name of the state and province, and your phone number, and after entering all your data, the empty appointments will appear for you and choose the appropriate time for you, but not Always have appointments available.

The website link of the Turkish Department of Population Directorate to book appointments: