Working in Turkey

If you are interested in working in Turkey, we recommend that you review the work in Turkey page to learn more about the details of work in Turkey and the labor laws in Turkey.

The e-government portal (E-Devlet) is a one-stop shop that facilitates access to various information and electronic government services within Turkey
The Turkish government has worked to activate the e-government to facilitate access to its services for citizens or foreigners. Today we will learn about the services of the e-government portal (E-Devlet).

E-Devlet allows legal transactions and general government services.

How to extract E-Devlet code:

Extracting (E devlet) from the Turkish post PTT that is spread in all regions by taking a passport and a valid residence and a Turkish phone number.
How to enter E-Devlet:

Entry is done using the residence code and the code that was extracted from the Turkish post PTT.

Benefits (E-Devlet) for Turkey Resident:

• You can use (E devlet) to extract the housing address (souls) directly from the internet, and use it for residence instead of certifying the rental contract and registering children for schools or otherwise, if you are restricted to souls without the trouble and go to the chosen one.
• You can extract the court record (non-conviction) during your time in Turkey without going to court.
• You can know the phone lines registered in your name in the telecom companies and cancel the unused and registered lines.
• Extraction of the ownership time (aktif tapu) used to extract the real estate residence, using the web tapu page without having to go to the Land Registry Department.
• It is possible to know the taxes that are required from you to pay, especially the owners of companies and offices, and you can follow this up so that there is no increase in taxes if they are not paid within the specified time.
• Show you the academic certificates obtained in Turkey in any field.
• You can benefit from the information of the Ministry of Health, including the application of the code (HES) used in the last period, in the event of commuting between cities to follow the cases of corona between travelers.
• You can find out the lawsuit files filed with your name, time and date of the court.
• The driving certificate obtained by you can be obtained, as well as knowing whether there is a violation on your name (penalty), how many points of the violation are on the driving certificate, the cars registered in your name and vehicle details.
• In the Social Security Institution known as (SGK) you can benefit from knowing whether the insurance (Sigorta) is activated for you or not, and the record of Secorta and the work history for the owners of work stays or citizens.

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