Foreign students wishing to complete their studies at Turkish universities require the equivalent of the certificate before registration and acceptance.

Many people do not know what is meant by the equivalence of the certificate ?? How is the certificate equivalent? And how is the equation ??. To answer these questions, we will explain both the recognition and equivalence of certificates in Turkey and the required papers.

Recognition of the educational institution

Is the acceptance of the university where I was studying by the Higher Education Council of Turkey, that is, the university is acceptable in Turkey in terms of: teaching, the physical structure of the university, teaching staff, and study applications. Therefore, prior to the equivalence of the certificate, I must submit a petition to the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education to determine whether the university is recognized by the Higher Education Council.

The recognition process also considers whether the educational institution that issued the certificate is recognized by the state as an educational institution authorized to issue certificates, rather than being accredited by the quality assurance institution.

The application for admission to the educational institution shall be submitted to the Council of the Ministry of Higher Education in Ankara, either by hand. The result shall be received on the same day either by hand or by mail. The request shall be sent by mail. The reply shall be within 10 working days to the address of the applicant. Of the institution, department information and contact information of the educational institution to be recognized in the application form.

Certificate equation

The equivalence of the certificate comes after obtaining the recognition of the educational institution that awards the certificate. It is the process of determining whether secondary, diploma, bachelor, master, postdoctoral and post-doctoral degrees from educational institutions outside Turkey are equivalent to secondary certificates, diplomas, bachelor's, master's, postdoctoral, and post-doctoral degrees from educational institutions in Turkey.

Diploma, Bachelor's and Postgraduate degrees are modified in the Adjustment Unit of the Presidency of the Turkish Higher Education Council. While the certificates of professor and assistant professor and technical competence in the presidency of Turkish universities are amended.

Equivalence of secondary certificate

Foreigners can exchange their secondary certificates through the Turkish Embassy in their country of residence. If they reside in Turkey, they can go to the center of the National Education Directorate in the city where they reside (İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü).

Equivalent to the Bachelor's degree and postgraduate studies

Foreigners can compare their university degrees by applying to the Turkish Higher Education Council in Ankara. Some of them will need to take the certificate modification exam. The Arab countries are from the countries where the certificates of graduates of their educational institutions need to take the exam. Some countries do not need a certificate modification exam such as: UK, Germany, USA, and others.

For doctors who wish to work in their field of specialization in Turkey, they may apply to amend the certificate to the Turkish Ministry of Health, which in turn will turn it into a government or university hospital for the purpose of testing in its specialization. After passing the exam, his testimony was accepted in Turkey.

Foreign doctors in Turkey undergo a test called Tus, the central specialty exam for doctors in Turkey. The exam questions should be in Turkish only. Doctors should learn Turkish and obtain at least a B-level Turkish language certificate.

After obtaining the Turkish language certificate and passing the TOS exam, the foreign doctor can search for a hospital to contract with him and obtain a work permit and start working in his field of specialization.

Required papers for equivalence of certificate in Turkey

Copy of the passport of the sacker translated into Turkish and certified by the notary.

Registration form which can be obtained from the following link:

The certificate of secondary certificate is certified by the notary with an additional photograph.

Diploma or Bachelor's degree or postgraduate studies with an image translated into Turkish and certified by the notary and an additional image.

The identification of marks for all grades with an image translated into Turkish and certified by the notary and an additional photograph.

How to submit the required papers

The required documents are presented to the certificate by either hand to the following address:

Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı Denklik Müracaat Ofisi - Bilkent / ANKARA.

Or the papers are delivered by mail to the following address:

Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı 06539 - Bilkent / ANKARA.