We talked about the previous article on English tests, IELTS and TOEFL and the general differences between the two tests. In this article we will talk about the differences between the two tests in terms of reading, listening, writing and speaking, as shown in the following table:

The test consists of 3 choices of 20 minutes each. Reading material is of an academic nature.The test consists of 3-5 choices of 20 minutes each. Reading material consists of academic materials and questions are multiple choice.



The test consists of different listening sections and multiple questions that the student will answer during the test.The test is a piece of lecture or conversation within the university for 40 - 60 minutes during which students take notes and answer multiple choice questions.




This test consists of two parts. The first is to write a short article of 200-250 words about an optical material such as one of the graphic forms and summarize the information provided.

The second part consists of writing an essay about one theory and refuting it.

This test consists of two questions written and written on a computer. The first question is to write an article of five paragraphs in a framework of 300 - 350 words.

The second test includes notes on a readable piece of book and lecture on the same subject and answers in the form of notes consisting of 150 to 225 words.





This test runs from 12 - 14 minutes and is conducted in the presence of a laboratory. The test begins with an informal introduction, then describes some images and ends with a lengthy conversation about a topic related to the images that were shown.This test consists of 6 different questions and is based on a 20 minute conversation description. The answer to this part is to record answers to the computer with a microphone of 45-60 seconds.Talking