Automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and marine engineering are engineering fields that have spanned mechanical engineering. Automotive engineering includes studies in electrical and electronic sciences, security and safety studies, and design studies to identify the detailed aspects of automotive, truck and bus designs, as well as motorcycles and their engineering systems.

Contents of the study
The study of automotive engineering abroad at the undergraduate level reviews in detail the studies of the design of cars, motorcycles and various steam vehicles, including the design and manufacturing stages, as well as the performance and work of the vehicle, and test the extent to which, according to the program of engineering study at the University of Leeds, It covers the fundamentals of automotive engineering such as design, vehicle mechanic studies and leadership development studies. Students also undertake a practical graduation project in the last two years of the study, where students begin designing and working a mechanical vehicle of the third year Of the study and are implemented in the fourth year of the study.

To enroll in the undergraduate degree program in automotive engineering, the ideal admission requirements are as follows: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University:

The student must have completed 12 years of education and finished at the secondary level at a rate of not less than 65%.
The student has passed a proficiency test in the English language, the academic IELTS score is 6.5, so that no grade in any of the test components is less than 6, the TWE test is at least 4.5, and the paper based test is 580 , Or TOEFL (IBT) with a score of 92 at a minimum of 20 in all parts.
At the postgraduate level, admission requirements are:

To pass one of the proficiency tests in English, the academic IELTS score is 6.5, so that no grade in any of the components of the exam is less than 6, the TWE test is at least 4.5, the TOEFL score is 580, or the TOEFL (IBT) With a minimum score of 92 in all parts, or complete a REW certificate program.
Obtain a certificate of completion of the university degree from a university accredited in engineering or applied sciences.
Future career
Many of the students who graduated from engineering studies abroad have difficulty finding work in the field. Most of them work in the major vehicle manufacturing companies in their country or in the engineering institutions for the manufacture of auto parts and cars in their country. The working day for an engineer Cars vary from one engineer to another depending on the project in which he works. Sometimes the engineer works for 40 hours a week, and other times the number of working hours may increase to 55 hours according to The same statistic indicates that the average salary of the car engineer Modern graduation up to 40.00 0 pounds per year and after being placed in larger positions in the company, his salary reaches an average of 65.000 pounds per year.

Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of automotive engineering
University of Okan
University of Ischik