College of Law

The college aims to develop lessons and definitions that form the basic principles of the various sciences of law. The law is the basis of life. Without it, the world becomes a jungle where rights and responsibilities are lost and dissolve in light of the spread of the principle of survival of the fittest or of the powerful who can rob others of their rights and take away what they want by force. In all its forms, whether political, social or economic, in order to guarantee the people the full freedom to live and to lead life in a way that achieves happiness, stability and progress.

The law is the essence of true freedom, and the laws were established only for the organization of life in all its forms, and not for the freedom of man. These laws were not enacted. When we abide by law and logic in all matters of life, we enjoy a stable life through which we can achieve maximum progress and progress. A society with the extent to which its members abide by the law and if the law is lost, life is lost.

Types of specialization
The law specializes in many types, including:

The Constitutional law
Constitutional law is the broadest and most comprehensive type of law. It aims to preserve relations between the state and other states, defines the powers and functions of state authorities, defines the system of government, and protects the rights of the individual and others.

Criminal or penal law
Including the prosecution of persons responsible for the commission of offenses, and an act can not be described as a crime if the law does not provide for it.

Patent Law
This law protects the inventor or owner of the invention, including protection of trademarks and others.

civil Code
Is a set of rules that define the rights of individuals and settle disputes between them in different areas, such as contracts, property, etc.

Insurance Law
It is a rule that regulates the relationship between the insurer and the insurer and the insured (the beneficiary). The insured pays an amount called the insurance premium for the insured in return for the latter covering the costs of a risk or accident.

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