Management Engineering

Engineering Management is a scientific system that applies the principles of management in engineering events, both in the context of planning, implementation or control, where engineering management is one of the most important forms of modern management required in any of the activities and events engineering.

Engineering management is one of the most important factors that depend on the success or failure of engineering work, which is the most required administrative disciplines in business organizations, especially in specialized engineering companies, hence the importance of good management and leadership and the innovation of alternatives and solutions in the engineering field. In the field of business administration accepted by graduate students. The intention of engineering management is: the art of directing the efforts of workers to obtain high productivity and high quality, which helps to avoid loss and increase profits and provide a component of security and safety.

Engineering management is one of the modern sciences that has emerged in recent years due to the urgent need for it. This is based on the scientific technology to organize the humanitarian efforts and the resources necessary to implement the projects and to bring them out of the realm of thinking and planning into operation and use.

The engineering management of the project is one of the most important factors contributing to the success or failure of the work. It is no secret that the management in any area of ​​particular importance in the success of the work, especially in the field of construction projects, which is more complex administratively and practically than most other areas of management, To appreciate this, a car manufacturer, for example, has completed a car and tested it. It can simply modify it to get the required product and then copy it into large numbers, with little loss either in time or cost, while urban projects can not be built and completely modified All eyes must be expected B in advance and avoid them, and here must be good governance and leadership prowess, and the genius of finding solutions and alternatives. Recently, the project management specialization has been taught as postgraduate studies (Masters and PhD) in many universities, and there are even multiple disciplines within this science generated by the mating of ancient science, management and civil engineering. Many experts advise that the applicant should be a leading and managerial personality to succeed in running his project.

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During the academic study of this specialization, the student studies the following subjects: Accounting, Economics, Project Management, Systems Engineering, Management Information Systems, Quality Control, Human Resources Management.

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