University TypePrivate University
AddressYeni Mahallesi, Mustafa Paşa Köyü, Kapadokya Yerleşkesi, 50420 Ürgüp

Cappadocia University founded in 2005 continue its education and research studies with its 26 associate and 10 Bachelor programs with more than 200 teaching staff, and around 4500 students, our university encompasses a wide spectrum of educational activity.

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  1. Programs selected in accordance with development plans with the aim of finding jobs for the graduates
  2. The opportunity to be the best in Turkey in the selected professions
  3. Contemporary curriculum prepared in accordance with the requirements of the related sector
  4. The opportunity to be taught by the experts of the profession
  5. Dynamic academic staff composed of sector professionals and qualified academics
  6. Intensive and effective foreign language courses which cannot be provided elsewhere
  7. Balanced theoretical and practical courses
  8. Practice requirement in application fields, real businesses, plants and foundations
  9. Practical training and internship programs in prestigious sector institutions during the period of education
  10. Scholarship for successful students
  11. Open and closed manege with horses for the students studying in the Horse Training program
  12. Transition to 4-year undergraduate programs for the students with academic success
  13. Easy transportation to the campus. being very close to Kayseri and Nevşehir airports
  14. An outstanding and distinguished campus protected by UNESCO Cultural Heritage with its fascinating geography and unique historical monuments
  15. Dining hall, dormitory building, canteen, cafeteria, library, social facilities and classes in the walking distance
  16. Life experience on a campus composing of restored historical buildings
  17. Enjoyable studentship period with student clubs, sports activities and regular social facilities
  18. Application kitchen for the students studying in the Culinary Arts program
  19. Computer laboratories that are open full time
  20. Developed infrastructure and wireless internet connection
  21. Part-time job opportunities

Cappadocia University belongs to a series of international university networks that share the common goal of enhancing academic cooperation.

Education Fees

DEPARTMENT TUITION FEE (with %50 scholarship)
Political Science and International Relations 7000 USD
Political Science and Public Administration 7000 USD
Child Development 7000 USD
Nutrition and Dietetics 7000 USD
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 7000 USD
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts 7000 USD
Avionics 7000 USD
Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance 7000 USD
Psychology 7000 USD
English Language and Literature 7000 USD
Paralegal Studies 3750 USD
Oral and Dental Health Studies 3750 USD
Surgical Technology 3750 USD
Anaesthesia 3750 USD
Culinary Arts 3750 USD
Equine Studies 3750 USD
Criminal Enforcement and Security Services 3750 USD
Child Development Associate 3750 USD
Child Development Associate (Distance Education) 2100 USD
Dental Prosthetics Technology 3750 USD
Dialysis Technology (Turkish) 3750 USD
Dialysis Technology (English) 3750 USD
Electroneurophysiology 3750 USD
Physiotherapy 3750 USD
Paramedic Studies 3750 USD
Architectural Restoration 3750 USD
Audiometry 3750 USD
Opticinary 3750 USD
Pathology Laboratory Techniques 3750 USD
Civil Air Transportation Management 3750 USD
Civil Air Transportation Management (English) 3750 USD
Civil Aviation Cabin Services 3750 USD
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (Istanbul) 3750 USD
Social Services Assistants 3750 USD
Medical Imaging Techniques 3750 USD
Medical Laboratory Techniques 3750 USD
Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program 3750 USD
Tourist Guide 3750 USD
Tourist Guide (Distance Education) 3750 USD
Aircraft Technology 3750 USD
Flight Operations Management (Istanbul) 3750 USD