Due to the increase in the import and export movement in Turkey thanks to its vital location as well as the economic activity currently experienced by Turkey and the ease of customs clearance due to customs regulations and laws for import and export which have become uniform and equal in most countries of the world. The process of customs clearance is a documentary process mainly in the import or export documents required are very similar in customs clearance of exports and imports.

Papers required to export any shipment

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Shipping Policy
  • Packing regulations
  • Evaporation certificates for wood products
  • Health certificates for food products
  • Quality certificates are required in some countries and not for all countries such as Algeria, China and Morocco

Papers required to import any shipment

  • Commercial or industrial register
  • Tax card
  • Import Card (Import Permit)
  • Payment document by the bank (document proving the transfer of invoice value outside the country of the importer)
  • General authorization of the customs broker certified by the chamber of commerce or industry

Some important tips to start your project in the field of import and export

The legal aspect of the issue

In order to work in this area you must first create a real company with full licenses to qualify for this activity, you can use legal accountants who have all the information and laws related to the establishment of companies and can also create the company on your behalf with fees agreed upon, and will save a lot of time and effort because they know the steps The procedures and costs clearly do so faster.

Opening a special bank account

You must open a bank account for the company and this is needed at the establishment of the company as well as that this account will be associated with customs clearance and may not transfer money to companies or factories except from the company's account.

Determine the location of the office of your company

You can rent a simple office at first to do your work until your project is successful, then you can rent a large office. You can work from home until you rent a company office as long as you keep official company documents and shipments, but you have to allocate part of the house to make it a company office because a customs officer may visit you for official documents.

Find a source of funding

Try to find a source of finance if you do not even have a fraction of the price of the shipment, as these are the most difficult things due to lack of trust and credibility in our time.

Import goods that are not locally manufactured in your country

Countries impose heavy taxes on imported products that are manufactured domestically and sometimes prevent them, and also because it affects the economy of your country negatively without feeling.

Choose the country closest to import

Turkey is one of the countries closest to our Arab countries and its products have become high quality and their prices compete with China. This is a fact, and this saves you time, effort and money. For example, in terms of duration, the import from Turkey equals half or less than the shipping time from China. .

Use of screening services provided by international companies

If you buy food, medicine or electronics, for example, you can use a company such as SGS to check the quality of the product and meet your country's specifications because each country imposes certain specifications on the goods.

Item shipped in container

If the quantity of the item exceeds half the size of a container of twenty or forty feet, then choose to ship it in a complete container, which will save you more than if you ship it with another commodity in a container in terms of shipping and unloading costs in the port of arrival and storage as well.

Hiring a forwarder in your country

This agent works with another shipping agent in the country you wish to import from, so it is safer to deal with a freight forwarder in the exporting country and in case of any emergency you can reach it without bothering.

Import from Turkey easily and costs less

Turkey is a producer of many light, heavy or even food products. It is an important source for importers, especially Arab countries. This has made the import and export market in Turkey an active and profitable market at the same time, which has made many traders and investors go to work and invest in Turkey.

Import steps from Turkey

  1. Search for a Turkish supplier or producer who offers the prices of shipments through factories and companies that cover all areas of trade, especially clothing.
  2. Send an email or fax from your company that you own or own. The e-mail contains a request for product specifications and prices. Prefer to work with a company of individual work where joint work ensures the seriousness of the completion of the import process.
  3. Defining everything related to the product, for example clothing, you must specify the required sizes, fabric material and color, and this proves to the seller that you are familiar with the sale and purchase and will be interested in your request.
  4. Determination of quantity / quantity because this affects the shipment of course and prices can be transported by sea or air, it is possible to transport the containers in part as possible as twenty-five feet or five feet and the price varies in both cases.
  5. Determine the port of shipment from which the goods will be transported and you will receive them upon arrival and that you have reliable papers for the shipment and that your procedures are formal so as not to be subject to legal restrictions or disruption in the process of transport and shipping.

Best profitable goods which can be imported from Turkey

  1. Turkish clothing is one of the most goods that have a large demand for purchase, especially women's clothing and underwear, in addition to the Turkish abayas, it is a successful import project alone because of its delicacies and precision and art.
  2. Tools and household appliances such as the Turkish trays, the sheet is a demand in the commercial market and bought by families and brides because of the colors and designs are wonderful and quality compared to other home-made.
  3. Furniture: Turkey annually exports about 7670830 pieces, the most importing countries for these goods Iraq, Germany, Iran.
  4. Turkish imported furniture is the most imported Turkish goods required in the commercial market such as a set of bedspreads, embroidered mattresses, quilts and more importantly this Turkish table mats, which has become one of the most famous Turkish goods in the importer market because of its exquisite embroidery and goldwork and embroidered in a skillful manner Quality of fabrics used and colors
  5. Food stuffs of meat, cheese, milk and canning, such as sausages, martadilla and others. The most importing countries for these goods are Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
  6. Fruits and vegetables are the most important citrus, as the most import countries for these goods are France, Britain, and Japan. Turkey exports cotton, smoke, figs, grapes, olives, wheat, barley, tomatoes and apples.
  7. Minerals such as copper, iron, mercury, and manganese.
  8. Industry such as textile industries, animal and vegetable oils, sugar, flour products, plastic materials, raw wood products, cement, and tires.