Turkish Trade Minister Rohsar Bakjan called for intensifying mutual investments between her country and Morocco, to enhance economic relations between the two countries.

This came, in a speech to the Turkish Minister during her participation in the Moroccan-Turkish Investment and Business Environment Forum in the capital Rabat.

Bakjan explained that Morocco, with its strategic location and economic potential, is one of the most important partners of Turkey in the African continent.

Earlier Wednesday, the Moroccan-Turkish Investment and Business Forum was launched in Rabat to boost employment and joint investment opportunities in many economic sectors.

The Minister continued: "In addition to the existing historical and cultural relations between the two countries, we wish to strengthen trade and economic relations as well;" We are seeking to establish balanced trade relations with Morocco, so that both parties are winners. "

She pointed out that the progress of world trade remained below the expected level, due to the preventive measures taken by countries, political differences and geopolitical ambiguity.

For his part, Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade Moulay Hafeez Alami said that his country has great investment opportunities, and that the Moroccan government is ready to provide the necessary support for Turkish investments.

The Moroccan-Turkish investment forum and business environment comes at a time when Morocco is looking to boost foreign direct investment on its soil, while Turkey aims to boost its foreign markets, by opening roads for its investors and Turkish goods.

Earlier Wednesday, Omar Moro, president of the University of the Moroccan Chambers of Industry, Trade and Services (non-governmental), told Anatolia that his country wanted to see an increase in Turkish investments in local markets.

He stated that the Moroccan side stressed the importance of Turkey increasing its investments in the country, adding: "These investments can create a number of job opportunities and create an economic dynamic."

And Turkish exports to Morocco achieved a growth of 16 percent compared to 2018, to 2.3 billion dollars, while the volume of trade exchange between the two countries reached 3 billion dollars last year.

According to data gathered by the Anatolian correspondent, Turkish businessmen have investments in Morocco worth one billion dollars, providing job opportunities for nearly 8,000 Moroccan citizens.

And last week, the head of the Exporters Council in Turkey, Ismail Gül, said that his country's goal in the value of exports around the world during 2020 is $ 190 billion, compared to $ 180.4 billion in 2019.

Source: Anadolu Agency