In this article, we will talk about how to fill out the application for Turkish citizenship for foreign investors, the required documents and information

At the beginning, basic information should be written such as name, surname, mother and father, residence number, place and date of birth, passport number, occupation, and contact information.

The application form stipulates five conditions that everyone who fulfills any of them is entitled to fill it out, and the conditions are as follows:
• Fixed investment of not less than 500 thousand US dollars to establish a company or factory and to present all documents proving that the cost of this project is 500 thousand dollars and a pledge not to transfer ownership or close the company for a period of three years.
• Buying a property worth at least $ 250,000 and not selling it for three years.
• Providing a job opportunity for 50 Turkish citizens at least and pledging not to decrease this number under 50 for a period of three years.
Deposit an amount of $ 500,000 in a Turkish bank and pledge not to withdraw this amount for a period of three years.


How to fill out the Turkish citizenship application
1. A copy of the passport with a translation and certification from the notary for all family members.
2. Birth certificates attested by the foreign ministry of the country from which the paper was issued, in addition to their attestation by the Turkish embassy / or by the embassy of the country from which the paper was issued, and then the district office, with translation and certification.
3. The marriage contract is translated and certified by a notary.
4. Power of attorney from the buyer to a Turkish attorney accredited to present the file of Turkish citizenship. The agency is prepared and organized by the notary. Two copies of the agency are made.
5. A copy of the lawyer’s ID.
6. Fill out two nationality applications, one in the name of the father and the second in the name of the mother, with children’s information added as an appendix to them.
7. Paying 15 pounds for each application for citizenship, stamping and signing the receipt from the bank, and asking for two copies of the receipt.
8. Attach the original papers to the file.
9. A copy of the title deed of the property or a copy of the promise to sell contract is submitted in case the title deed of the property is not possessed, certified by a notary in Turkey (Notre).
10. The real estate appraisal report, and it must be approved by the Turkish government, and this evaluation is issued by an accredited Turkish institution, and its date must not exceed 3 from the date of submitting the Turkish citizenship application, and the value of the property valuation must be consistent with the amount mentioned in the title deed or sale contract.
11. Payment receipts from the buyer's bank account with the sender's bank stamp, and the value of the purchased real estate must be greater than 250 thousand US dollars.
12. Receipt receipts from the seller’s bank account, which must be stamped by the receiving bank, noting that these receipts are approved by the Tapu Department, which shows payment of the property’s value and its transfer from the seller’s account to the buyer's account.
13. Extracting a tax number for each family member.
14. Fill out the application form for exceptional Turkish citizenship (through the real estate). The investment should be filled in large letters without shortage, cancellation or errors, and the application must be signed by the person concerned or his agent exclusively.
15. The applicant’s civil status document, the marriage contract, or any other document proving the applicant’s status, whether he is single or married, translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish consulate.
16. If the husband applies for citizenship for himself and his children only, without the wife (if the wife is divorced, for example), then the mother's consent must be submitted to grant her children under 18 years of age Turkish citizenship. This document is not needed if both spouses apply for citizenship in a natural situation, that is, when a power of attorney is submitted by the wife and husband together.
17. Birth certificate or any other document proving birth information; Such as obtaining a civil registry record, a person’s registry, or a civil status document, for each member of the family, and the father’s name and the mother’s name must be clearly mentioned in this document. This document must also be translated and certified by the Turkish consulate.
18. A family statement document or family book (family card), translated and certified by a notary (Notre).
19. 2 recent personal photos (for each family member).
The documents required to obtain residency before granting citizenship to the investor and his family
1. Residence application form.
2. Certificate of conformity of the property to the conditions of the Turkish Nationality Law, and it is extracted from the Directorate of Land Registry - Tabu.
3. A copy of the passport
4. A copy of the old residence (in case of renewal)
5. A copy of the entry stamp or visa
6. 4 personal photos
7. Pay the residence application tax
8. Valid health insurance papers
9. Authentication of papers issued outside Turkey
10. All documents and documents issued outside Turkey must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the document was issued, and by the Turkish representation in that country, that is, the Turkish embassy or Turkish consulate.
11. If the document cannot be legalized by the Turkish representation in the exporting country, it must be certified by the representation of that country in Turkey.
12. In any case, the translation of external documents must be done by a sworn translator in Turkey, certified by a notary, then certified by the governor.
Please note that the fees for the lawyer specialized in submitting the Turkish nationality file are different according to each case in terms of the number of documents, certifications, the number of individuals within the file and other matters that are taken into consideration.