Investment regions in Turkey

Technology development zones - technology parks

Technology Development Zones (TDZ) are regions designed to support research and development activities and attract investment in high-tech areas.

This number includes 69 technology development zones, 13 of which are under construction, while 56 technology development areas are currently operating.

Organized industrial zones in Turkey

Organized Industrial Zones (OIZ) are designed to allow companies to work within a favorable investment environment through available infrastructure and social amenities. The infrastructure available in the OIZ includes roads, water, natural gas, electricity, telecommunications, waste treatment and other services.

There are 322 organized industrial zones in 80 regions, and work is currently underway in 255 of them, while the remaining 67 industrialized regions are under construction throughout Turkey.

Free zones in Turkey

Free Zones (FZ) are defined as private sites that are outside the customs area although they are actually within the country's political borders. The free zones (FZ) are designed to help increase the number of export-based investments. Local and administrative legislation that applies to the commercial, financial and economic areas, and which is applied within the customs territory, is either partially or not applied at all in the free zones (FZ).

Turkey has 19 total free zones, located near the European Union and Middle East markets, 18 of which are in operation and one is still under construction. The Free Zones (FZ) are located in strategic locations ensuring easy access to international trade routes through ports bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea.