Caddebostan Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul. Located in the Kadikoy region east of the Bosphorus Strait on the Sea of ​​Marmara in the Asian section of Istanbul.

The beach is very close to Bustan about 1 km and is a wonderful and clean beach with all the services and amenities of umbrellas, chairs and shops to buy the basic needs, and there are many restaurants and cafes nearby. The hotel is ideal for families and families.

The beach is very much one of Istanbul's most famous natural tourist attractions. It is meant for a large number of residents of the city and outside and foreign tourists from different countries of the world to visit the place as well as enjoy many of the special activities it provides them, as well as proximity to the city center and Baghdad Street, Close to many of Istanbul's famous sights. You can walk around, enjoy the sea view, take a swim and have a lot of beach activities such as volleyball, small boats and even sea motors that provide you with a clear tour of the clear sea mire during the warmer months, especially during school holidays.