Kilyos Beach

It is known that Kellios is a resort beach packed with tourists, especially in the summer as it has many beaches suitable for families as well as many cafes and restaurants that offer a wide choice between Turkish and international cuisine as well as open places for fishing and barbecue.

Kilios Beach is located on the Black Sea in the Sariyer area in the north of Istanbul (the European section of Istanbul) and is easily accessible from the center of Istanbul, about 35 km from the center of Istanbul.

Kilos Beach is famous for its sandy beaches, comfortable hotels, motels and camping facilities. To the north-east of Kelios Beach you will find some small caves available for visiting. The bottom of the beach is rocky and families with young children may prefer sand beach locations. It is ideal for family strolling and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere with the mountain forests surrounding the beaches, and also many restaurants, parks and hotels.

The city was a castle in the 14th century and was restored in the Ottoman era under the reign of Sultan Mahmoud II but was not available to the public only for the military was a historic tank containing a number of guns until today turned into a tourist resort for tourists from all over the world to spend Holidays.