Bosphorus Bridge

Istanbul is famous for its outstanding bridges connecting the continents of Asia and Europe, which has long been the dream of many rulers who ruled Turkey, especially Sultan Abdul Hamid II, in order to facilitate the passage of people and stimulate trade between the two banks of Istanbul.

There was no clear execution of the suspension bridges until 1970, when a suspension bridge between Asia and Europe was built in Istanbul to realize the dream of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. The bridge was called the Boğziçi Köprüsü bridge, Which is located in the Asian section of Istanbul.

The foundation stone of the Bosphorus Bridge was laid down on February 20, 1970 under the government of Suleiman Demirel. The process of construction began in March 1970, and the construction was completed on 29 October 1973.

The length of the Bosphorus bridge is 1,560 meters, 33.3 meters wide and 165 meters above sea level. It is the fourth largest bridge in the world and the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world.