Babulu Park and Theme Park - BaBaLu Aktif Eğlence Parkı

Babulu Park and Theme Park is located in the Başakşehir district of the European section of Istanbul.

Perhaps the best way to let children spend a beautiful day with some energy and fun. Babolu's children can properly extract energy with different movements and games and understand how to use their bodies better and clearly and make new friends. Where they can spend time in safe playgrounds in the garden without their parents. However, if the child is over 8 years of age, he can enjoy playing alone on the court thanks to the paper he will attend from his parents. Otherwise, it must be supervised by a parent. Despite the reliability of children's playgrounds, they are required to wear six non-slip silicone stockings to keep children safe. In this way, children can play easily without the risk of falling or slipping.

There are all kinds of playgrounds that children can enjoy in the garden. The Go-Kart area, climbing areas and various bounce areas are available. Children interact with their friends in the garden, and play games. There are 20 different playgrounds within the park. Each of these venues has a variety of activities.

As for fees, it is also possible to become a monthly member of the park which offers many different options. Membership rates for Babolo are TL 130 per month and TRY 290 per 3 months.

There is also a separate price table for children who do not want to buy a membership card. Ticket prices are 25 Turkish lira. Tickets are sold within one hour and are 15 TL so there is no limit on weekdays. At the same time, an additional charge of TL 8 per hour is charged during extra hours. On weekends, a two-hour entry fee is TRY 25. No entrance fee is required from parents and teachers who come with children. In addition, the park offers special discounts for groups traveling in groups.