Bostangi Amusement and Luna Park

One of Istanbul's most popular entertainment venues. Located in the Kady Kew district of the Asian section of Istanbul.

Bostangi Luna Park has many electric games for adults, such as the spinning wheel game, which overlooks the Asian section of Istanbul, as well as the most dangerous crazy games such as catapult, scissors, swing ring and others. The games for young people are horses and characters that are popular with children that revolve in the lights, as well as the House swing and others, in addition to the game of octopus, express train and cars and others. In addition to the electric games, the Bostangi Luna Park has extensive horse-riding spaces, horseback riding and some horse-horse shows with horses on site. As well as football spaces for family members to enjoy enjoyable times at one of Turkey's most popular attractions.

There are many restaurants and cafés serving fast food and Turkish cuisine near the Bustanji Luna Park.