Legoland Istanbul Center

Istanbul's Legoland Istanbul Center is located in the European section of Istanbul. Very suitable places for entertainment in Istanbul especially for children and also fun for adults.

Opened in 2015 for LEGO enthusiasts, it contains many different giant icons. The Discovery Legoland Center is the first of its kind in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Offers a wonderful world for children and all other Ligos lovers. The area covers an area of ​​3000m2 and contains everything related to the Legos game. So you'll see a movie about the game of Lagos. The advantage of this movie is that it is displayed in 4D size. As well as many activities such as houses, coffee shops and car races.

At the same time, there are also two rooms for special events such as birthdays. You can celebrate your child's birthday here in a very entertaining way. These rooms are located on the top floor. There are also many shops for shopping. Educators also recommend visiting the place and recommending Legos 'parents' games, which help children develop their intelligence and improve their creative abilities.

There are also many activities such as: Ligos Factory, Cinema 4D, Laser Adventure Kingdom, Ligos Building District, Legos Shop, Dublo Town, Friends of Legos and Olivia House. And thus make it one of the most fun and exciting places for children and adults in each unit more fun than the other.