One of the most beautiful forests in Turkey. Located in the district of Sarıyer in the Bahçeköy district of the European section of Istanbul.

Ataturk's forests cover an area of ​​about 345 hectares, with 3 magnificent lakes, and planted more than 2000 different species of plants and trees from different countries of the world, such as Japan, Spain and America, to become a destination for university students to carry out research and projects on these plants. The most important attraction in the Ataturk Forest is the existence of nests and small animal dwellings intended to be a refuge for some animals such as squirrels, birds and others.

The forest was opened in 1949 by the Forestry College and the Forestry Department. Their airs are filled with fresh air, which provides the body with energy and strength again. When you arrive at the entrance entrance ticket is purchased and beside it a map of the park, because the area is large and may be visiting the visitor in the forest.

The beginning of the forest is a large square with a beautiful water fountain. It is divided into several roads and subways, one of which reaches the first lake. It is filled with ducks and turtles. Its atmosphere is calm, its landscapes are beautiful and its lakes are similar. Another road leads to a large forest with dense trees Young vegetable.

The forest also contains many permanent exhibitions and museums in the forest as an exhibition of old engines dating back to the 19th century. Another exhibition of ancient communications dating back to the 19th century displays very rare types of communication tools used in the Ottoman era, such as telegraphs, telephones and sound amplifiers. It also contains an exhibition displaying scientific models, dolls, games and technological means used in the past centuries.

Walking around Ataturk's fun is the most exciting activity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The whole process takes about two hours to get back to the main entrance, taking the characteristic souvenirs with green nature, tranquil lakes and fountains. Can be forgotten.