Turkey and Istanbul are famous for their unique nature, which has made it the first and favorite destination for many tourists from different countries of the world. In addition to the historical and historical monuments of Turkey, the countryside, the islands, the markets, the hotels, the restaurants, etc., Turkey has a number of forests that are beautiful and charming. These forests are the Aydos, which are considered one of the largest and most green forests in Europe. 27.000 m 2.

The Aydos Forest is located in the Asian section of Istanbul, 20 km from Kadıköy. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities you can spend the weekend before the cold winter. Because of its proximity to the coast, Aydos forests are characterized by their temperate atmosphere, which has contained many trees, particularly oak and pine trees.

The Aydos are ideal areas for lovers of sports, such as hiking and hiking, as well as suitable routes for riding in the midst of nature and under high trees.

The Aydos have an Aydos lake that you can enjoy by exploring the area with water bikes in the area. It also has green spaces for you to prepare food and enjoy a barbecue, as well as many restaurants in the area.

Aydos is also famous for the Paintball, where many fans come to the Aydos to enjoy the game.