Iznik Lake

One of the most important tourist attractions in Bursa is Lake of Iznik, the fifth largest natural lake in Turkey. It is 32 km long and 10 km wide and 80 meters deep. Iznik, known by its historical name Nicaea, is located at the eastern end of the lake and was the ancient Greek name of this lake Askania.

Lake Iznik is a source of fresh water and streams. It also contains many rare plants and has been known for the cultivation of rice.

Lake Iznik has declared a natural and special nature reserve for birds in 1989 to contain many rare and unique bird species that attract visitors' attention, especially after the expansion of recreational areas and increased pollution in the surrounding areas.

The lake is a tourist center in its own right, where the various water sports are practiced. It is also characterized by its sparkling waters and its fragrance of deep-rooted fragrance. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over Turkey and the world in summer.