Aqua Marine

It is not only the green nature of its beauty and its splendor that formed gardens and parks, but also water parks, parks and water games, to enjoy the visitors and feel the comfort and recreation, and from these gardens, the water park located in the European section of Istanbul in the area of ​​Bükükmege Büyükçekmece, 50 km away, called the Aqua Marine.

Aquamarina is one of the largest water parks, the most attractive for tourists. It has an Olympic swimming pool with amazing and wonderful features. It features clean water, a miniature golf course, bowling, They visit the park and their families either from Turkey or foreign tourists who visit Turkey and Istanbul.

The nature of the atmosphere adds a touch of beauty and attraction to the garden, between the sea and the plain, the green trees, the water flowing here and there, and the laughter of the audience fills the atmosphere, full of joy and joy, and relax under the umbrellas available there, to protect its visitors from the hot sun, especially in the summer.

The park adds a new and unique water game to revive the area, break the barrier of boredom, and gain more visitors and tourists. The park has received a certificate of cleanliness, water and food.

After a busy and enjoyable day, you can relax in a restaurant in the garden, offering the most famous food and drink to suit all tastes, there are shops for the park, and close to the area. There are also a number of hotels and markets for those who want to shop. Istanbul, providing all the things needed by the tourist, from the comfort and enjoyment and fun and play, especially for children, and then places to sit as well as places to shop and other services.