The most beautiful and most beautiful streets of Istanbul. Baghdad Street is one of Istanbul's most famous streets and the oldest of its kind.

Located in the Kadıköy district of the Asian section of Istanbul. This is the equivalent of Istiklal Street which is located in the European section of Istanbul.

It extends 6 km from the area of ​​Bustanji and even Kizl Tobarkak. This street is spread along the roads and places of prayer dating back to the Ottoman era. Baghdad Street flourished during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and became a major center for the establishment of rich classes. And her men were racing to buy land in the Kadikwe area to build their homes and palaces next to the Sultan's Palace in order to get closer to him. But today there is only one of these palaces left.

Baghdad Street is packed with tourists, especially in the summer. It is a multi-purpose street. If you want to shop, it offers you some of the most famous Turkish and international fashion brands such as Nine West, Marks & Spencer, Zara, Cap, Bershka and Mango.
If you want to taste delicious Turkish cuisine, you will find many restaurants, cafes and even bars that do not close at night or even at night. This street also contains a lot of car agencies such as the Toyota agency and many more.

And do not forget to mention that this street is full of branches of different banks that provide you with all the banking services you may need.