Botanical Park

The Botanic Garden or Flower Garden is one of the most important parks in Bursa. The visitor to this park is very spacious and rich in landscapes. The park offers many recreational and educational facilities. Spread over 400,000 square meters of magnificent green space, the park houses 8,500 trees of 150 different species, 100,000 shrubs of 76 species, and 6,000 roses of 27 varieties of roses.

There are many styles of garden in the botanical garden, where the English garden and the French garden embody the beauty and splendor of European gardens, as well as the Japanese garden, the rose garden and the exotic botanical garden, all of which make the visitor a comfort and pleasure.

The botanical garden contains 3 large agricultural basins where the most beautiful and unique types of flowers and plants are planted. There is also one large water basin with several types of water games. There are several children's play areas and sports venues as well as a variety of cafés. The Botanical Garden offers visitors a variety of multi-seat bikes, which are popular for visitors to ride around.

Visitors can also enjoy the very famous Iskandar Kebab meal in Bursa in particular and Turkey in general, consisting of tasty meatballs with special sauce, all at the Alexander Restaurant within the magnificent flower garden.

The Municipality of Bursa City attaches great importance to this garden as it is considered an important part of the Green Belt surrounding the city of Bursa, which provides it with the important oxygen to purify its air and maintain its pure and beautiful atmosphere. It aims to expand and protect it so it considers it a nature reserve, where the barbecue was prevented and the flames were completely set on fire.

The Botanical Garden is located on the international road between Istanbul and Izmir, close to the zoo, and not far from the center of Bursa. Therefore, it is a tourist area with a privilege to visit to take photographs and enjoy the nature of the picturesque.