Bursa Teleferik

Tourists from Bursa travel to Bursa from around the world to enjoy the ride of a bourse cable car, which many consider to be a unique and unforgettable experience. The famous bourse's cable car, 9km above Mount Oludag, is a spring and snow-covered winter, making it the world's tallest cable car.

Passenger cable cars are moving from the 236-meter-high-altitude view area to the 1810-meter mountain area of ​​Mount Uludag, through 77 vehicles, which can be increased to 96 vehicles, each of which can accommodate up to eight passengers. The Teleferic vehicles are uniquely designed and equipped with high-precision safety systems.

After boarding the doors, the doors are closed by a hydraulic system. Then, before the vehicle is launched into the air, the doors are checked with sensors to make sure they are ready. If there is any unclogged door, the system automatically stops to allow the error to be adjusted to avoid any damage.

Each vehicle has two artificial leather seats for passenger comfort, surrounded by glass from the floor to the roof of the vehicle to ensure a clearer vision. The vehicle is also coated with a 6mm thickness of polycarbonate, which is used in the transparent room of the aircraft, The air effects are isolated and the cabin temperature remains moderate in winter.

The stock exchange has been updated several times since its inception, the latest of which was completed in June 2014 and has been updated to be the world's tallest cable car.