Istanbul is famous for having the best zoo in the world, but is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. It is a unique zoo. The zoo is located in the Darga district of the Asian section of Istanbul.

In this park you find about 200 different species of animals, 135 species of birds and also 250 species of plants and flowers. It is one of the largest botanical gardens in Turkey.

When you enter Farouk Zoo in Istanbul you see different types of animals both small and large. You can see the bears looking at the black, the cats, the tigers, the dogs, the foxes, the beautiful deer, the local horses, the amazing beauty, the zebras, the birds and the different fish in the two aquariums in Istanbul's zoo. They are famous among children and adults, where many animals, birds and ornamental fish are seen.

You can tour the Istanbul Zoo with family and children and learn about the many types of wild animals that were seen only on television and in documentaries such as blacks and tigers. Children can also enjoy a small boat ride in the water pool in the zoo and other games are available for fun and entertainment. They can also share animals in the zoo including penguins, a unique experience for children, as well as a collection of photographs of rare species of animals you may not see elsewhere.