Gulhana Park is one of the most famous and oldest public parks in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular. It is a prominent tourist attraction frequented by nature lovers from all over the world.

The Gulhana Park, which means Arabic, is located in the Aminonu district of Al Fateh province in the European section of Istanbul, close to Topkapi Palace, where the southern entrance to the park is one of the largest gates of this palace.

Gulhana Park was once part of the outer garden of the Topkapi Palace and was dedicated to the Sultan and its harem. It was opened to the general public in 1912 and was then supplied with recreation areas, cafes and stadiums. The first statue of Ataturk was built in Turkey in 1926, which was sculpted by Heinrich Krippel.

In the garden of Golhana there is the Gothic pillar dating back to the Roman era, a commemoration of the Romans' victory over the goths.

To date, the park has undergone extensive renovations aimed at providing more green space, with trees dating back to the 18th century.

In 2008, the park on its western side included the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam. It is worthy of the visit. It contains more than 140 identical copies of inventions dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries. They include various sciences such as astronomy, geography and chemistry. , Surveying, optics, medicine, architecture, physics and others.

The old barracks in the Gulhana area are expected to be converted into a cultural center and a large library and gallery will be opened for workshops.