Women also have a share in Turkey. One of their most important interests is the markets and the pleasure of shopping and buying. So there was a private market in Istanbul called Kadinlar Bazaari, the women's market.

Kadinlar Bazaari Street in the Fatih district of Istanbul took a place on the list of the 12 most interesting streets in Europe, according to the report of the Tourist Annex to The New York Times. Where Kadinlar Bazaari in Arabic means the women market.

As for this interesting title, there are two stories according to the Turkish newspaper Sabah: First, there were shops on this street to sell women in Istanbul's former military. While the second novel says that during the Ottoman Empire women bought the most domestic purposes of this market, to be called the women's market over time.

The street, which ranked first in Istanbul, is characterized by its calmness and lack of high buildings. It is an old historical market, far from traffic congestion.

The market is now famous for the numerous cafés surrounding the historic Hossam Beck Tizgahgüller Mosque, where it embraces young and old alike. In addition to the many restaurants and shops selling various spices coming from all the cities of Anatolia.

In its report, Al-Sabah provides advice to market visitors not to leave the market without eating intestines, barbeque, and especially to eat candies in this market.

The New York Times lists 12 cities: Paris, Berlin, Madrid, London, Vienna, Berne, Switzerland, Lisbon, Oslo, Prague, San Sebastián, Spain and Milan.