Azapkapı Waterway, located in the Fatih area of ​​the European section of Istanbul, tells an interesting story in Ottoman history. According to historical accounts, it is said that while the fourth Sultan Gulnoush wandering around the city, she saw a little girl crying beside a broken vessel, and then stopped and offered her money for the pot but the girl refused and carried her back to her home.

The Sultan asked the mother to take her with her to the palace to be born in the royal section, without knowing that the girl, who bore a valid name, would become the wife of Sultan Mustafa II and his son Sultan Mahmud the First, which did not allow her to forget her neighborhood, After several years, specifically in 1732, it called for the construction of a distinctive waterway, characterized by the beauty of its architecture and its different form in the place where the incident took place, to be named in the history of the Ottoman Empire on the one hand and serving its neighborhood and its inhabitants on the other.