It is one of the popular markets which is located in the Besiktas region on the European side of Istanbul.

The Beşiktas market is open on Saturdays every week near the town hall of Besiktas and is called the Saturday market of Cumartesi Pazarı.

Beshiktas Bazaar is one of the cheap bazaars in Istanbul. Bazaar contains many stalls selling the various products that Turks and non-Turks need from Istanbul residents and even tourists.

Bazaar contains various food products from fruits and vegetables, cheeses, milk, vegetable oils, fish, eggs, honey, nuts, sweets, and others. As well as clothes, bags, men's and women's shoes, children's clothing of different models and for all ages, in addition to furnishings, carpets, kitchen and bathroom accessories and other household items.

Besiktas market is characterized by its depressed prices, which reach 65% less than normal markets.