The first thing for tourists to think about it after completing their tours in the Turkish cities and to get acquainted with the most important monuments and historical in the city is to travel in the popular and historical markets and even modern for the purpose of shopping and purchase souvenirs as well as enjoy taking pictures of souvenirs in the streets of these markets. Othman Bey market is one of the most famous markets in Turkey. The market is located at Othman Bey Street in Shishli area in the European section of Istanbul.

The Osman Bey market is one of the wholesale markets for women's clothing and Vestian in Istanbul, which is frequented by traders from all over the world due to the quality of its products. The Othman Bey market is not restricted to wholesale only. There are retail stores as well as shops for men, sportswear, cosmetics, accessories and toiletries.

Istanbul's Othman Bey shopping street has proven its quality in terms of production and labor, making it one of the world's leading clothing retailers.

Prices in Osman Bay market are relatively high compared to other markets due to the quality of products presented in the market and the accuracy of the manufacture as well as the magnificence of the designs.

The Osmanbey market is not only limited to the supply and sale of clothing, but there are dozens of companies designed, manufactured and exported to all over the world. It has more than 55 garment exporting companies from different parts of the world such as Russia, Central Asian countries and Arab countries. The quality of its products is in line with the development of international fashion and it has a great experience in this field, which exceeded its 40 years experience.