The Cheb Safa Khatoun Mosque is located in the Amignonu district of Al Fateh province in the European section of Istanbul.

The mosque was built in 1787 by Fatma Şebsafa Hatun, the wife of Sultan Abdul Hamid I, in memory of the death of her son, Shahezade Mehmet.

The mosque houses a boys' school and a waterway, which was moved from its location during the construction of the roads. The mosque also contains the tomb of Mrs. Fatima Cheb Khatoun.

The mosque was designed in Baroque style and the walls of the mosque were built of stones and bricks. The campus section of the mosque is covered by a large dome that sits on a base with 16 windows. The large dome is supported by four small domes. There are 5 marble columns in the chapel. The minaret is located on the right of the mosque, built of cut stones and one balcony. To the left of the mosque there is a classical elementary school. The inscription on the door of the mosque belongs to Shaykh al-Islam Yahya Tawfiq al-V.