A historical museum dedicated to the life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first President of the Republic of Turkey. The museum is located in the Shishli area in the European section of Istanbul.

The museum was built in the three-story house of Ataturk, which he rented after returning from a Syrian front, displaying pictures, objects and paintings of Ataturk as well as documents on coups.

After returning from Syria, Ataturk rented a three-storey house in the Shishli area where he lived on the middle floor and his assistant in the basement. His mother's floor was dedicated to Zubaida Khanem and his sister acceptable.

This house was built in 1908 and was the site of Ataturk's meetings with his comrades during the occupation of Istanbul in World War I. Ataturk lived in this house until May 16, 1919, on the day of his departure to Samsun. In 1924 the house was bought by the governor of the city of Arzurum, former Ozer, who installed a plaque at the entrance to the house showing that Ataturk lived in this house. In 1928, this house full of memories of Ataturk was purchased from the Ostzer improvement by the municipality of Istanbul and turned into a building in which the objects that Ataturk used and the documents that he signed were preserved along with the paintings of the well-known artists and many items of historical and moral significance.

On June 15, 1942, after Ataturk's move to Ankara, during the period when Lutfi Kirdar was the governor of Istanbul and the mayor of Istanbul, the house was converted into a museum named İnkılap Müzesi. The building was restored in 1960 by the mayor of Istanbul Rafiq Tugra.

In 1962 the building was partially destroyed. Ataturk's centennial was restored in 1910 and was reopened on 19 May 1981 under the name of the Ataturk Museum. This building, which was also restored in 1989 and began hosting visitors from local and foreign since 1991.