Bursa is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey because of its beautiful tourist places and wonderful historical villages that appeal to the tourist coming to them, including the villages of the village of Saidabad.

Located in the historical city of Bursa, close to Istanbul, the village of Saidabad is a garden with its beautiful beauty and beautiful nature with trees and flowers. This rare location includes Mount Uludag, which attracts tourists with its natural scenery each season, as well as the lake and the garden valley. This village is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the recent period.

The first women's solidarity association was established in the village of Saidabad in April 2002 in Turkey, where women sell all their favorite dishes on the bursa to Ramadan and Suhoor tables in Ramadan.

The history of the village of Saidabad to 1877 - 1878 the end of the Ottoman - Russian War. It was established by the Turks, where they settled in 1893.

The village is about 24 km from Bursa. The village is also one of the historical places that still retain the Ottoman architectural style to this day.