Oludag is a beautiful village located in the south of Bursa. It is characterized by its natural beauty and splendor, where the beauty of snow in winter and the charm of nature in the spring come from many parts of the world.

Seven facts about the village of Oludag South Bursa:

This wonderful village is a national park because of its natural nature and its wealth of livestock and plants. More than one million visitors a year come to enjoy the Uludag National Park throughout the year, whether for winter sports, camping, enjoying the day trips and nature and greenery in summer.
The word Uludag means the Great Mountain. This village contains the highest mountain in northwestern Anatolia, which is reached by the cable car that can be taken from Bursa. This cable car stops at an intermediate station at a height of 1200 meters between the mountains filled with thorns, Height 1630 m.
Mount Uludag is the highest peak in the northwest Anatolia region. Its width ranges between 15 and 20 km. It was called Olympus before the Byzantine era and was also known as the Mount of Monk because of its large number of monasteries.
Today, the snow-covered mountain of Oludag, known throughout the year, is known for its ability to renew blood cells in the bodies of those who live there for up to three weeks.
The mountain of Oludag, with the beauty of the Swiss Alps and famous ski centers in Austria,
Snow may rise to 3 m in normal winter months.
There are 30 tourist facilities and more than 3,500 hotel rooms.