According to the director of medical tourism in Turkey, Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the field of medical tourism after the field of real estate tourism, due to the low prices with the quality of services provided in hospitals and health centers as well as medical staff with high efficiency.

For example, many patients from Germany come to Turkey for treatment of cancer, and in return many Arab countries come to Turkey for treatment in the forefront of this country Iraq and Libya. He also mentions that Britain, the Netherlands and Germany are among the first countries where patients come to Turkey for serious surgeries and eye diseases.

"The cost of surgical and nonoperative surgery in Turkey compared to Western countries," said the director of medical tourism, said: "The process of installation of the hip bone (industrial hip) in America costs between $ 40,000 - 54,000 dollars, while in Turkey cost between 14,000 - 15.000 Only dollars.

It should be noted that the statistics indicate that Turkey is at the forefront of the world in the treatment of cancer, while there are other diseases come to treat foreigners such as transplant or transplantation, plastic surgery, urinary diseases and heart disease.