Despite the 10% rise in unemployment in Turkey, foreigners, especially Arabs, can find jobs in Turkey and in various areas. First of all, you have to keep in mind that work is not available in Turkey to the point where you are sitting at home and getting jobs. You should find and strive to look for work as you should be patient enough until you get a job that suits you.

There are a lot of jobs in Turkey and for all foreigners, especially Arabs (Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis and other nationalities), but under the conditions imposed by the city you live in, the profession you are capable of carrying long hours of work up to 12 hours a day. To discuss the areas of work available to foreigners in Turkey, we will classify them into several groups:

Tourism and Travel

Working in the field of tourism and travel has many aspects, but at the same time requires the person wishing to work in this area, especially travel and tourism companies in Turkey, to speak Turkish and other languages. This in itself increases the opportunity to get a job, whether in the field of tourism, travel or other. A person looking for work in this field can work as a tour guide, driver, receptionist in tourist resorts or hotels and tourist restaurants, a vendor in the shops of Hidiya and Antica in tourist areas, and others. If you are fluent in English, you can work as a guide and guide for foreigners. Turkey is a tourist country visited by many nationalities from different countries of the world such as Germany, Russia, Iran and other Arab and European countries.

Factories and laboratories

There are more than 30,000 factories in Turkey, where you can find work in one of them easily. It is possible to start your work in a factory or lab in Turkey with a simple job and a simple salary, such as product assembly or product packaging, etc. If the plant or plant management considers your competence and compliance with the labor laws and agreed working hours, the factory management will upgrade you and increase your monthly salary Supervisor of workers or control of production lines and others. Some of the factories that you can find a job in are the sewing labs. If you have experience in the field of sewing, especially sewing clothes, it is easy to find a job in the Turkish sewing factories, which is a popular profession in Turkey.

Restaurants and cafes

In addition to the Turkish restaurants and cafes, you can find a job in Arab restaurants and cafes, which are very popular in different Turkish cities. Among the professions you can work in restaurants are: baker, chef, cleaner, dessert maker, shawarma maker, oriental or western cooker and more. In cafes, you can work as a confectioner, coffee maker, tea maker, narcile maker, accountant, cleaner and more.

Shops and shopping centers

The work in this area needs to master the Turkish language, you must be familiar with the English language, and you have experience in sales and how to deal with customers.

Printing and Translation

If you are good at working on a computer, especially Microsoft Office, you can work in printing and translation offices. In addition to this, if you are fluent in Turkish as well as Arabic and other foreign languages ​​such as English, you can work in the field of translation of documents and documents from Arabic to Turkish and vice versa and other languages.


The work in this area requires that you have a university degree and a very good estimate, as well as experience in the field of teaching or management in this area and not less than 3 years. As for private colleges and universities, you must have at least a master's degree and some private universities have a doctorate degree in high scientific bicycles such as professor and assistant professor, as well as other conditions that differ from one university to another, as well as the English language requirement, especially the academic departments taught in English.

Because there are large numbers of Arab refugees and in different cities of Turkey, there are many Arab schools and different countries such as Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya and even the Gulf countries, you can find a job and your specialization.

the health

Doctors, nurses and various specialties can find job opportunities in Arab clinics, and these also require university degrees as well as a certificate of experience and practice for the profession. People who are fluent in Turkish and other languages ​​can also work in hospitals, medical centers and beauty centers as translators from Arabic, for example, into Turkish.


This includes working with women's and men's salons and skin care centers. A foreigner can work in this field if he has experience in hairdressing for example for women or men, or who have experience in cleaning the skin and body and others. This area also requires a 50% knowledge of the Turkish language.

These areas were available to foreigners in general and Arabs in particular to work in Turkey. There are other opportunities to work in Turkey for foreigners, which can be called private businesses such as trade and investment in various fields, import and export, but work in these areas requires capital and the establishment of a company. Dear reader, you can read about them in detail in investment and trade in Turkey.