Distance education or virtual education is a means of modern education designed to deliver education, on an individual basis, to students who are not on campus. Which helped those wishing to complete their university studies who do not have the ability to go to university either because of the association with work or after the place or home work.

Distance education provides the possibility of online education without going to university. Where students can follow lectures on personal computer methods from home, work or any place where the Internet service is available.

Some universities offer distance learning service for postgraduate stages. Distance education provides all means of communication between the student and the teacher. The student can interact with the teacher by discussing and asking questions through the mike and through the electronic board. The teacher can conduct a survey to observe the student's level of comprehension. For the teacher and the content of the scientific material.

The midterm examinations are conducted through the student's account at the university. Final exams are held at the university center itself and the student must register. Distance learning has solved the problem of time, especially for staff and students already enrolled in a higher education program. Registration of lessons allows students to repeat the lesson in an unlimited number of times, increasing student chances of success.

Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in this field. There are more than 30 universities in Turkey that adopt the distance education system. The most important Turkish universities that adopt the distance education system are: Akdeniz University in Antalya, Anadolu University in Eski Shahir, Kogali University, Ankara University, Marmara University Istanbul, Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University of Ankara, Ataturk University in Erzurum, Chanakali University March 18, University of Izmir, Izmir University, Izmir University, Gaziantep University, Ankara, Gaziantep University, University of Haji Taba in Ankara, Karadeniz Technical University of Trabzon.

Tele-education in Turkey, especially at Istanbul University, has seen a desire for a second degree in Turkey. Despite the modernity of the distance education department at Istanbul University, it has received a wide response, providing it with the opportunity to enter the university without having to enter the university admission exam. However, the only condition that is required to be enrolled in this program is to have completed his university studies or to be enrolled in a Turkish university. For his part, said the head of the distance study at the University of Istanbul, Professor Alper Cihan that this program allows anyone who wants to get a university degree again, without being forced to leave his job or his job, by communicating through the Internet. Cehan added that although the program was only six years old, more than 40,000 students had enrolled. It is worth mentioning that the cost of study in this program is estimated at 350 TL per semester.