The Turkish government continues its efforts to attract foreigners to study in its universities for both preliminary studies and postgraduate studies in various fields and disciplines, whether in Turkish or English.

Universities in Turkey in general and Istanbul have become one of the best and most powerful universities in the world because of the availability of highly qualified teaching staff and advanced laboratories to conduct various research and experiments as well as the safe and comfortable environment that facilitate the students to adapt and live easily.

International Schools
International (private) schools in Turkey offer different international curricula based on teaching students in many foreign languages ​​such as English, French, German and Turkish.

These schools receive international students from all over the world. They have an excellent teaching staff that welcomes foreign students and ensures that students adapt to the new learning environment by teaching Turkish to help them communicate easily with Turkish society without fear of language. As well as preparing for many activities and trips that introduce the student to Turkey and encourage him to study and education in Turkey.

Turkish Universities
Turkey and Istanbul have become the best choice for foreigners to study, especially the Arabs as one of the largest cities in Turkey, which enjoys a great diversity of environment and culture, where the student feels belonging and ease of adaptation due to the intellectual and cultural closeness and the great similarities in customs and traditions between the Turkish people and the Arab people.

Turkey has many universities with an excellent academic level for students from all over the world. These universities provide international students with an academic cadre with experience and high efficiency in addition to the advanced level of education by providing a variety of disciplines and fields in English and Turkish, in very suitable installments and for all disciplines, and give certificates recognized globally. Some Turkish universities offer some scholarships and discounts to international students.