How to read a lot of books

Reading must become a major part of the life of every ambitious person. Reading is another life granted to man, and opens the horizons of knowledge and culture, so expand his perception in dealing and making decisions, you find the educated people like to hear his opinion and take it, because he knows more than many know. He urged Islam to read, but came down the whole revelation on the basis of read was (read in the name of your Lord who created), and that the first created by God is the pen, has been called the nation of Islam (Ummah read). Reading is an integral part of our daily lives. It is an essential necessity in the life of humanity. The means by which a person depends on its implementation are continuous reading, reading, reading, and reading. Reading is a skill available to anyone unlike many other skills, but it is difficult at the same time because it requires the ability of the owner to pursue, demand and sustain it to form his own culture throughout his life.

We can define reading as an understanding of everything that the human eye writes and sees. Reading is also understandable knowledge. It is the first portal to receive various and diverse sciences, the only way to transfer knowledge, and here lies the importance of reading.

To read the many benefits, including:
Linguistic expansion
Stimulate the mind
Stimulate memory
Reduce stress
Developing Thinking Skills
Developing writing skills
Peace of mind
"When you know how to read, it will be relatively easier to read books," writes writer and blogger James Clare. "Clare found himself away from reading and books, caught up in the endless preoccupations of life, so he developed a daily strategy to read more Of 30 books per year. All you have to do is to devote time to reading, so most people say, but talking is easier than doing.

Here are 10 reader tips to help you read a lot of books:
Look for books worth reading
Read what you want
Choose a comfortable reading environment
Start with a number of books
Read faster
Use Goodreds
Explore books and read
Read everywhere
Do not stick to a bad book
Put your strategy