Sometimes we wonder about a student, how I met the qualities of intelligence and the power of observation and discrimination from the other students of his class, and how he became so !! And what methods to follow to enable him to get high marks, and how to become an outstanding ??

To answer all these questions, we will give you some ways to reveal some of the secrets that can make any ordinary student intelligent and able to memorize his or her important information.

Think you're a genius student
Working on changing your inner perception and starting to look at the study with a new and different perspective can open new and creative ideas in front of you.

Study standing on foot
You can remember the information by 10% when you are standing on your feet. This is due to increased brain blood flow while you stand up. This is what always happens with teachers.

Consumption of lots of water
The brain needs 70% of water per day, and most people who do not drink enough water do not work properly. Coffee works to dry the brain and never helps save information during school.

Imagining information in imagination
During the study, try to close your eyes and visualize the information in your mind. This is what some experts have shown. The information is present in the brain in the form of images that can later be converted into a written or written concept or information.

Stop thinking as a student, and try to start thinking as a professor
Trying to think as a professor opens up many doors for you to imagine what questions can be raised during the exam.