It is also known as higher education, which is the last stage of the study, in which the student studies a branch of study in a more specialized way. Other definitions of education for the university are the level of education that comes immediately after secondary education. The student must achieve a high school level To study university, or to join the university specialization, which is interested in studying, and after graduation from university education, the student receives a certificate to qualify him to obtain a particular job within the qualifications of education, or help him to continue to study the advanced stages of the study Higher data in the university.

History of university education
The university education is one of the oldest types of education, which has received great attention from the different peoples of the world. Both the Zaytouna Universities in Tunisia and the villagers in Morocco are among the oldest universities in the world. .

After preparing the general human rights law and distributing it to a range of rights, including the human right to education, this right stipulates that a person must have higher education in the university if the student wishes to complete his university studies. The 19 th century, until this time witnessed the establishment of many public and private universities in various countries of the world.

Characteristics of university education
Study plans for university colleges do not contain general subjects as in the school study. Developing the education sector by relying on a collection of books and specialized literature in many fields of study. Maintains economic development, by providing the labor market with many of the skills that support it, and its development. Reduces the level of general illiteracy in the community, and increases the awareness of cognitive and cognitive among young learners. Provides a range of important research in various fields of knowledge, supporting the global search industry.

University education certificates
First Certificate (Bachelor)
Is the first stage of university education, and is also the basic stage in the university, which seeks most of the students who succeeded in the secondary stage of enrollment, and at this stage the student chooses the specialization that suits him, and meets the requirements of his certificate in high school, Bachelor's degree between 4 - 5 years, has been extended for 8 years in some undergraduate disciplines, as a medical specialty.

Graduate Certificate (MSc)
Is the second university degree after the bachelor's degree, in which the student specializes in a more detailed specialization in the bachelor's degree, and to be able to obtain this certificate to pass the hours of the study plan successfully, and the duration of study in the master stage between the year and the two years.

Graduate Certificate (PhD)
Is the third and final university degree, which can be enrolled after success in the master's degree, and this stage is more specialized than the master's degree, depending on the intensive study of many of the material for the PhD, and the duration of study at this stage between the year and the two years.

What is the importance of university education?
The stage of academic or academic education is one of the most important educational stages that a person undergoes, because his life is determined and he chooses to specialize in the field he wants to work in. Later, for example, students who want to become a doctor attend the Faculty of Medicine. Some of them want to become an engineer. Engineering, and so on. Many Arab and European countries have taken great interest in this stage. A number of these countries have provided university or academic education to their children at no cost or at a small cost. They are keen to provide the right atmosphere that will contribute to the advancement of the future of their country. Universities, and select qualified professors to gain students the necessary expertise, and can be summarized the importance of university education in the following points:

Young people rely on university education in order to obtain a suitable job. There is no doubt that the university qualification is the key to the exit into the labor market and thus ensure that the person obtain the appropriate income to help him to fulfill his requirements.
States rely mainly on this type of education to produce payments capable of working in various sectors and institutions, whether in health, trade, industry, tourism or other sectors. This makes it more advanced and developed. This education has already contributed to the graduation of doctors, scientists and media And politicians, each of whom had a prominent role in raising the status of their country among other countries.
The university education plays an important role in the development of cultural awareness among the members of the community on the issues of the country, which takes a great deal of public interest. Students also learn the methods and ethics of dialogue, increase their ability to understand, think in good ways, and move away from random decision-making.
How can countries improve their university education?
States should pay great attention to the stage of university or academic education, seek to develop educational curricula in line with the requirements of the labor market, adopt effective teaching methods, seek to adjust their educational policies, improve teacher selection, and train them to improve their competence and develop their abilities. In order to promote the intellectual and cultural level and develop the minds of students, because if successful in the development of the minds of students will help it later on to achieve development in various economic, social and other fields.