Undergraduate is an important and fundamental stage in anyone's life. In addition to being the mechanism through which he can obtain a certificate enabling him to practice the profession he chose, it leaves a great impact on him as a person and the volatility of his personality. An exhausting stage, but one of the finest and most beautiful stages. But in turn it can be one of the worst experiences if the student does not know how to exploit it to his advantage.

University life not only provides the necessary education, but also provides the person with life experience and teaches him how to deal with realistic situations he will encounter in his life. It is an experience that makes a person discover what he really is, discover his strengths and weaknesses, find himself taking responsibility, learning the organization and testing real life with its solution and bitter. How can a student test a successful college life?

Tips to successfully surpass the first year
Successful university experience is linked to the success of the first year, it establishes what will be the next years. So if you're testing your first year of college, these tips can help.

Discover the campus early and find out where the classrooms, library, professors' offices and others.
If you are a campus student, you should first identify your housing partner. This point is important, because if you can not get along with it, you can request to be transferred as soon as possible.
Do not expect the lecturer to specify the dates of assignments and examinations and others on a daily or weekly basis, each university has its own system, so you have to know what is required of you and not waiting to be notified.
Meet the lecturers. The relationship between the university student and his teacher is not limited to classes, and their doors are open to students throughout the working hours.
Use your academic guidance. It will help you to organize, learn which materials are most important, and help you solve academic problems.
General tips for all years
Attend all classes
You are in the university in order to be taught, so you can not miss classes. Each university has its own system when it comes to absenteeism, but we advise you not to be absent unless circumstances are urgent.

The role of your university professor is greater than you think
Your university professor is the heart of your vibrant university life. From the beginning, you have to open channels of communication with all lecturers and you have to make efforts to try to establish relationships with them. The sooner you achieve this goal the better.

Your university professor is the mentor and counselor who will help you test a successful college experience and will help you identify others who can play a big role in your university success. Even after graduation you have to maintain a good relationship with them, because the network of knowledge they have can help you in your career.

Learn to organize and rely on yourself
You have to learn to organize your time, because if you do not, you will not find anyone to do it for you. The University provides schedules as required by you, dividing your time and commitment to what is required of you according to the dates.

Use apps or any method that suits you
If you can not organize your time, you will not succeed. University life as we said is completely different from the previous school stages, so do not expect the lecturer to provide all the necessary information in the classroom, it will teach you the basics and what you are required to look and learn, and then return to the classroom and you are ready for discussion and question and inquiry.

Find your own space for study
Successful university life is linked to your ability to succeed with excellence or without superiority, it is related to you and what you want but what is required of you is success. So from the start you have to find your own space that enables you to study and concentrate. University accommodation, in case you live there is not the perfect place, so is it for your parents' home. The library or study rooms located in some universities or any quiet place are the best option possible.

Keep items even after your success
Do not throw away the material you have studied, or at least the basic ones. These materials may be good for you later when you need to refresh your memory both during the following school years or even after graduation.

Learn critical thinking and filter unnecessary information
Successful university life is based on self-education. What you need to learn is critical thinking in order to know what information you need and any information that is not important.

Critical thinking is important for any career later, and therefore you are establishing your successful career from the first day at university. Learn how to listen and filter unnecessary information, write notes that are centered around key points, learn how to read and get to know key points in books, and more importantly, learn the reasons behind these key points. Critical thinking teaches you to listen to different points of view, and thus reach conclusions you have not previously thought of.

Take advantage of social life and have a little fun
Although the university experience is centered on study and success, a successful university experience must include an active social life and a bit of fun. Most people need to experience new things in their lives and the university is the perfect opportunity to do so. It makes you discover what you are, but you have to know where to stop. That is, you will be responsible for your madness within the frame you specify.