Chemical and biological engineering

Chemical and biological engineering is the system that combines chemistry and biology at the molecular level and uses this foundation extensively along with the basics of engineering to study the synthesis of new processes and products. The Graduate Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering is a multidisciplinary program that combines the basics of chemical engineering and systems biology to meet research challenges for the future.

It is a branch of chemical engineering or bioengineering that deals with the construction and design of processing units that include particles and microorganisms, such as: bacteria. Biochemical engineering is taught as an addition to chemical engineering or bioengineering because of the similarities between the two, where either a material platform or a problem-solving technique is used by experts in both fields. Their applications are used in food, pharmacy, biotechnology and water treatment.

Areas of work of chemical and biological engineering
Chemical Engineering is one of the most required disciplines in the world of business, both in large and small companies. This specialization remains one of the best in Britain, for example, where salaries of chemical engineers have increased by more than 30% in recent years.

Most importantly, most polls indicate that chemical engineers receive higher salaries on average than all other engineering disciplines, such as medicine, science, and others.

Some areas where the chemical engineer works
Industries of all kinds
Not only the chemical industry, any industry that jumps in your mind, whatever it is always called for the existence of some chemical devices that require the presence of a chemical engineer to plan the work of these devices in the right manner and how required. Almost no plant or productive enterprise is free of a chemical engineer.

Chemical Laboratories
The role of the chemical engineer is very important and sensitive, and differs from the role of the chemist in that he is an engineer who is required to plan the laboratory properly and to take care of safety and occupational safety.

Oil industry

Oil and gas companies always require a very large number of specialized chemical engineers, and their presence is a fundamental pillar of employment in these sectors, together with petroleum engineers and chemists specialized in petroleum fields.

Management Consulting

Which requires the chemical engineer to obtain a higher academic degree, qualify him to work as an expert in the fields of chemical engineering in all forms and types, and in various industries that require the presence of consultants in chemical engineering on an ongoing basis.

The chemical engineer whose main function is to work on developing the quality of people's lives, often all the hands of ordinary people have been manufactured in a factory or a company that employs chemical engineers. With the outstanding job position included in this function, Other dimensions related to the renaissance of society as a whole, in which the architects of chemistry contribute very much.

Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of chemical and biological engineering
University of Oscodar
University of Kutch