Specializes in the study and applications of electricity, electronics and electromagnetic fields. This area became known in the late 19th century after the spread of telegraph and power supply stations. Now this area covers a number of sub-topics including energy, electronics, automated control systems, signal processing and wireless communications.

Electrical engineering deals with the study and design of various electrical and electronic systems, such as electrical circuits and generators, motors, transformers, UPS power generator, magnetic materials and other electromagnetic and electromechanical devices.

Electrical engineering may also include electronics engineering and may not include it. Electricity engineering is concerned with high-voltage electrical systems such as power transmission and motor control, while electronics engineering deals with the study of low-voltage (low voltage) electronic systems, including computer science and integrated circuits.

Specializations in Electrical Engineering
The classical division of electrical engineering was the high voltage current engineering, which is now known as energy engineering, engine engineering, and other low voltage voltage engineering, which has evolved into a communications engineering. In addition, new engineering fields have been created in the framework of electrical engineering, including measurement engineering, control engineering and electronics. With time and increasing sophistication, each of these branches has been added to many new areas. Nowadays, electrical equipment is difficult to dispense with in most areas of life. The following sections do not necessarily have branches of electrical engineering because of the difference between the university system in the United States and Europe, but these disciplines are related in some way to electrical engineering and are one of the most famous fields in engineering.

electronic Engineering
Electronic engineering or electronic engineering, also called the name of communications engineering is the branch of electrical engineering that deals with non-linear active electrical components (such as semiconductors, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits) for the design of electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, microcontrollers and electronic systems.

Electronics engineering is a branch of the largest academic origin of electrical engineering, but includes a wider engineering field, covering many sub-fields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, embedded systems, consumer electronics and industrial electronics.

Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of electrical and electronic engineering
Istanbul Bilgi University
University of Sydney
Tan Bach University (formerly Kimar Borghaz)
Istanbul University is famous
University of Istanbul
University of Uzegin
Izmir University of Economics
University of
University of Cadres Haas
University of Oscodar
University of Ischik
University of Okan
University of Istanbul
University of Ted