This program aims to provide the student with the necessary information and skills for the maintenance of electronic devices, especially computers of all types and categories and complementary devices, and given the development in the field of software and physical computer, this specialization includes many of the modern software courses, in addition to courses that develop the capabilities of students to design And the construction of physical computer systems, and how to connect to other electrical devices, using the processors and controllers, and do not forget the ability of the student to touch all areas of computer, the most important software and databases, networks, stigmatize M and the development of web pages.

Fields of work of graduates
Instructor of Computer Technology in Schools of Education.
In factories and companies that use computer controlled control.
Companies and computer centers (maintenance area networks and web design).
Management of business and private projects in the field of computer in general.
Built-in digital systems for the local market.
Building computer-bonded systems using USB COM LPT.
Create a special work (building printed circuit boards PCB.
Skills acquired by the graduate
Technological proficiency used in the field of computerized microcontrollers.
Design and build systems such as: alarm shake, robots and control systems.
Knowledge and proficiency of advanced programming languages ​​such as Visusl Basic, Java and others, which can be used effectively in control operations.
The use of computer control circuits in the outside world using ports and connecting units of all kinds, which enhances the support of the side and the industrial sector in the labor market using computer.
Knowledge in databases, management and applications.
Knowledge in computer networks, installation and connection of devices in various types of networking.
Knowledge in the design of web pages and linking them to databases and the work of dynamic and interactive sites advanced.
Turkish universities in the field of computer technology
Bay University in Istanbul