Mechanical engineering is a branch of engineering that is concerned with the design, manufacture, installation and operation of engines and machines, a science that is concerned with the manufacture of large systems of small parts and then on display in the market. Therefore, the mechanical engineer must have many skills and knowledge, The most extensive in comparison to other fields of engineering, and its specialists contribute to the industry of cars, aircraft, work in the field of biotechnology and computers, and other related fields, and mechanical engineering applied problem solving technology in the manufacture of different devices to turn the idea into something Tangible.

Importance of mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering is of great importance in the lives of individuals. Without this branch of engineering, there will be no engines, generators or elevators, nor air conditioners. Mechanical engineering is included in other technological industries such as cars, airplanes, refrigerators, etc. Of industries that facilitate the lives of many individuals, and is involved in the development of devices for the manufacture of various products in addition to the production of energy, and the development of the manufacture of various weapons of war.

Mechanical Engineering Specializations
Mechanical engineering majors are based on many tasks and functions. The most important of these are the basic principles of dynamism which connects power and motion, thermodynamics, research and development, design and analysis of complex systems to simpler elements. Mechanical engineering also produces products, planning, operation and maintenance. To access high quality products, at the lowest cost, to maintain the company's standing and presence in the market permanently, as well as management and marketing. Each mechanical engineer is specialized in a particular field, but it is best to know all the specialties Mechanical engineering, and the most important disciplines of mechanical engineering as follows:

Automotive Mechanic Engineering
The first specialization in mechanical engineering since 1990, and its objectives are in the production and manufacture of cars, in addition to the repair and maintenance of vehicles and cars after production.

Aeronautical Mechanical Engineering
Interested in knowing the performance of aircraft and engines, and designing structures and engines.

Power Mechanical Engineering
It is interested in studying the thermal transfer between materials and fluids, liquids and gases, power motors, and refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Naval Mechanical Engineering
Of the important engineering disciplines, aims to study the design of ships, how to manufacture and build, and know the ways of balance, and familiarity with the fundamentals of sailing, and marine engines.

Mechatronics Engineering (Mechatronics Engineering)
Mechatronics Engineering combines mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer programming and control engineering. The aim is to design and develop equipment, machinery and equipment that are fast and accurate, including smart devices, systems that contain engines for moving mechanical parts, microcontroller and sensors to monitor the state The movement of the system, the addition of electrical circuits to connect the system parts to each other.

Functional prospects for mechanical engineering specialization
Most inventions in the past and modern times are the product of mechanical engineering.

Mechanical engineering as a wide field of study dealing with physical and material that can be used mechanically from all aspects. There are many career opportunities for graduates of mechanical engineering. The job is according to specialization. There are many disciplines such as thermodynamics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics, etc. Or even modern disciplines such as robots and mechatronics.

If you choose to study at the postgraduate level, such as the Master of Science or Master of Engineering Administration, you will find that the study includes research alongside practical study, and may be a starting point for academic work in colleges or in any scientific research.

By studying concepts such as mechanics and robotics, the study qualifies mechanical engineers to work in jobs that include the design of mechanical units, and types of motor vehicles, aircraft and even parts of space vehicles and industrial machinery.

The most important functions of mechanical engineering are available in industrial companies, in maintenance or in the field of dealing with power generation devices and heat and cold systems. Mechanical engineers not only design mechanical systems, but are also responsible for manufacturing, installation and maintenance of these systems. Moreover, with the growing use of computer-aided design for most of the machines and equipment, the knowledge of computer programs such as AutoCAD opens to the graduate of mechanical engineering other career perspectives. This means creating more jobs for mechanical engineers.

Because the disciplines of mechanical engineering are very wide, new developments in the fields of science and technology have contributed to the expansion of the functional area of ​​mechanical engineering such as robots, nanotechnology, compound materials, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, and others. These are areas where graduates of mechanical engineering can find jobs.

Turkey's distinguished universities in the field of mechanical engineering
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