Energy is defined as the ability of the material to give forces capable of accomplishing a particular work, and it is the capacity of a system to produce external activity or activity, which is the abstract entity known only through its transformations. It is defined as a physical quantity expressed in the unit of rotation in the global system of units.

The concept of energy
Energy is one of the properties or elements in the universe. The universe is made up mainly of the various physical objects that we see around us, which consist of atoms such as planets, stars, earth, and other energy, whether light energy, dark energy or otherwise. In the physical objects that exist in the universe and impose the scientific laws in the universe around us which have become the same for us. But if we want to give energy a clear definition of what it combines and its different forms, it is almost impossible, as the energy so far exceeds the limit We can not combine different energy forms with just one definition, and the closest we can define energy is the ability of a system to make a job.

Energy forms
Potential energy
Kinetic energy
Chemical energy
energy resources
solar power
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